Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Product Spotlight: The Body Shop Lipsticks

I made a HUGE order from the body shop a few weeks ago... and ended up getting these gorgeous lipsticks from there makeup range for £1.20 each!! How amazing is that!? I could not have said no! So I got these two beauties for under £2.40!!

You can buy similar here at The Body Shop

So the first shade is a lovely peachy pink shade which I thought would be perfect for next spring and summer and I will probably end up wearing it this season too as I love the more subtle shades for autumn as well as a berry/red lipstick too. This one is in the shade '01' which is called 'Cheeky Coral' and I think it's the cutest and definitely a fitting name for this lovely colour. I want to wear it loads throughout this winter as I do love a nice understated lipstick and this one won't require too much effort too keep topping up the colour.

The beautiful second shade that I bought was just so pretty even though, I didn't think it looked like this online but it worked out for the best as I love it so so much! It's a perfect lip colour which can be more berry coloured and built up to be the colour that it is in the bullet. I'm sure it'll be a amazing colour for this autumn winter too. This one is called 'Rose Quartz' which is number '13' which I thought would be more pinky but is actually more of a light berry red shade, so I was surprised as I didn't think it would be a reddish colour and it is, definitely more red than pink! But hey, sometimes these things happen with online shopping but it's great because I do absoloutley adore it!

These lipsticks and so creamy and are definitely not drying at all, so I am loving the formula, they are easy to apply and the packaging is really nice and makes them look a lot more expensive than they are! I think the colours are both such pretty and unique shades which would suit so many people for £1.20 each I couldn't really say no and wish I'd have bought more at that price.

So these were both in the body shop's sale, which I also did a haul post on here, so if you're interested then give that a read and tell me what you think!

 I am kinda sad as I can't find them online for you all to browse at too. But they must have all gone in the sale. So this is more of a spotlight blog post too tell you about the body shop's lipsticks and what I think of their makeup in general, and I am so pleased they are both amazing value for money and the colours are stunning!

Have you tried any of the body shop's makeup?! 



  1. I love The Body Shop but have never tried their lipsticks. I'll definitely have pick one up soon, they look lovely. x


    1. They are so simple but such lovely colours, you deffo should hun x

  2. I've had body shop lipsticks before but I really didnt like them!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

    1. Really, that's such a shame I love these two! I find the formula is a lot different to many of my other lipsticks but it just depends on what one you prefer I think! If I like the colour I usually love the lipstick haha X


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