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My ESSENTIALS for the Autumn/winter months

So today's post is my essentials for Autumn and Winter. So there's a mixture of things I'd use in both or in one or the other so let's get right into it and I will show you what my essentials are for the autumn and winter seasons we are in and will be going into soon! This post is also featuring some gorgeous Francesca Heels from Online Avenue which I was lucky enough to be sent so enjoy the blog post!

So Autumn is my favourite season because that's when my birthday is and who doesn't love the month their birthday is in (am I right?!) And in autumn I love having the appropriate nail and lip colours that I associate with autumn, so I have a mixture of nail polishes and lip products that I would use in both autumn and winter as I love them all and they are mostly berry/red shades which I find are perfect for both seasons! also I will tell you what all the nail polish/lip colour shades and brands are near the pictures below! 
In both autumn and winter my face/body needs a good moisturiser, as well they make your body feel so much softer and the cold weather can really make your arms/legs/face in particular really really dry. Now I like to use the Garnier Moisture Match in Dry to Very Dry as I find this really helps to bring back moisture into my face, this moisturiser in particular is also only for the face. The second is the Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser which is amazing to just spray on rub it in and you're done. It dries so quickly which is what I need when I'm moisturising in the morning or before going to bed as I want something that will be quick and then I can carry on with what I'm doing. These products are both amazing if your skin is dry they are a life saver for me! Although everything featured in this post is an Autumn/Winter essential for me!

So If I can be bothered in Autumn/Winter, usually only if I'm going out somewhere nice I will make an effort with my makeup and put on eye shadow, so the palette here is my Mac warm neutrals. It has a mixture of shades but has a lot of gold/copper shades which I absoloutley love in the Autumn weather as well as I also do in the Summer! So basically this is a lovely palette which is a great all rounder for any season really as I wear these sort of shades on my eyes all year round but I love how festive the shades feel in Autumn/Winter too! And it's also perfect for creating christmas party eye shadow looks, as I LOVE A bit  LOT of glitter!
You can find the palette here

So I also have a tangle teezer and this is the gold compact one, it is such a good hair brush and I feel it's so good for on the go as I hate bringing a huge hairbrush (well compared to this one) If I'm travelling and don't want to many bulky items in my bag! the tangle teezer barely takes up any space at all!
You can find the same here

So quickly I will take you through my autumn/winter appropriate/favourite lips and nail colours which are: 

Nails: Nails Inc For glamour in Colville Mews, Avon Nailwear pro in Cherry Jubilee, both gorgeous colours I'm currently obsessed with!
Nails Inc Polish Here
Avon Nail Polish Here

Lip colours: Mac lipstick in Russian Red, Ted Baker Lipstick in Red (doesn't have a name) Rimmel Kate Moss in 22, Rimmel Kate Moss in 107 (matte lipstick) which are all my faves for this time of year!
Mac - Russian Red
Ted Baker Lipstick - Unable to find Link
Rimmel Kate Moss 107 here
Rimmel Kate Moss in 22 here

So these are the gorgeous boots I was sent by, they are an amazing brand which I was chosen to feature on my blog from EtailPr I absolutely adore them and would love to feature them in a blog post soon so watch out for that too! 

Online Avenue is an online shoe company with such great value shoes any type you would want they have it on there! They go from a UK women's size 3- size 8 which is great as most people I know are within these sizes! They have such good bargains so if you want some new shoes that won't cost the earth go and have a look!

The one's I have here are the Franchesca Block Heel Pointed Toe Boots and I am totally in love with them! They have a gold detailed trim which is on the front of the heel which was one reason I totally fell in love and knew these needed to be mine! They also have a pointed toe which I think looks so nice on heeled boots but at the same time it isn't uncomfortable and these are super easy for me to walk in so that's an added bonus. I think these boots are really unique and will be coming more into trend through the colder months we are fastly approaching!

I also think that the material used to make these beauties is great as it looks suede but isn't. It's a Lycra material and this also makes them really easy to take on and off as it has good stretch, they also don't have a zip which is also a bonus for me as all my favourite boots I've had in the past with zips seem to break so easily and I've just given up with them, and I'm so happy I won't have to worry about this with these. They are the perfect addition to my shoe wardrobe and I would love to style them in some wintery outfits soon. 

So if you want to have a look at the amazing Online Avenue They have some of the loveliest shoes, heels, boots and even wellies! They have so much variety and for such amazing prices and I'm super impressed and I'm sure I would definitely want to buy some shoes from them in the future! 

They are just an essential for me now in the Autumn/Winter months as Everybody needs some warm boots to keep them toasty throughout the colder seasons!

What are your Autumn Winter Essentials?!

*PR Sample(s) included


  1. I love Avon nail polishes I find them so long lasting!
    Charlotte //

    1. They really are, this one is one of my all time favourites! x

  2. I've wanted to try out the Vaseline spray moisturiser for ages! I also love the look for that matte palette. It looks right up my street as I LOVE warm shades for this time of year! -xo

    1. It's so good and great for on the go or if you're in a rush! and the Mac palette is by far one of my faves so pretty for basically every season! xx

  3. That Mac palette is so beautiful!

  4. Oooo I love the gold tangle teezer!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  5. Such a nice items! Love those boots, this nailpolish color and palette!

    I´m so glad I found out your blog via twitter! :)
    You can find me at:

    1. Thank you! That's so sweet, I will definitely have a read of your blog lovely! :)

  6. Perfect winter boot! I need to get myself a pair like this X

    Veganism and why over on -

    1. I haven't stopped wearing them since I got them! So classy but are amazing for this time of year! you should, every girl needs a pair of lovely boots! x

  7. I have the '107' lippy too....oh my gosh does that colour make me feel glam!

  8. Those shoes are so pretty - I can definitely see why you love them!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  9. Ahh Rimmel 107 is a must! I've also lived in my ankle boots this winter, I think they look nice but still keep my feet warm!!

    1. Yes I agree! Ankle boots are my favourite type of boots to wear!

  10. Omg those boots are sooo nice and versatile! And looove the gold tangle teezer!

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  11. Love those boots need them in my shoe collection haha :)

    Lotté |


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