Thursday, 1 October 2015

September Favourites

I thought as I don't even think I've done a favourites post (even if I have) I would do one this month, as I've loved so much! well last month now, considering its October 1st but yeah, so these are the  most 'loveable' (I think that's the word) items I haven't been living without over the past month or so!

So I have the Zoella scrubbing me softly body scrub, The seventeen skin wow highlighter, Garnier micellar water, a beautiful berry red Avon nail polish, the Seventeen Contour Kit and a Makeup Revolution Lip Lava, so keep reading if you want to know why I have been loving them all so very much! 
So firstly the Zoella scrubbing me softly, body scrub smells so so lovely, it's not too overpowering like I find some scrubs are and it's really great for prepping my skin for fake tan if I want to use one or even a gradual tan it was features in my Fake Tan Faves post if you want to read that I have a more in depth review of it on there!
To buy it from superdrug I believe it was around £7-8 so it isn't cheap...well for a scrub, but I find a little goes a long way so that's how I justify it and oh the smell of it too! *mmm it smells amazing*

The Seventeen skin wow I have been using for about two weeks now and I'm loving it, I LOVE highlighting at the moment and I feel like I can't wear makeup without it anymore! It makes my makeup look fresh and makes me feel like I look more awake too, if that possible even makes any sense? It can be used as a normal highlight to add a glow to the high points of your face, or it can be mixed with your foundation, or just applied as a primer, I have also loved using it as a primer, it's great for when my skin feels dry as I want it to look more dewy and basically the opposite of dry, to look dewy and to make my skin look better than it feels, especially in the winter weather I think I will be using this a lot! 

I have been loving the Garnier micellar water, which let's face it you probably do as well since I swear every has it now haha! It is amazing though but I won't babble on about it as so many people have it would just be a repeat of what you have probably heard already... 
All I will say is it's around £5 and it's amazing!

My Avon Nail polish is in 'Cherry Jubilee' it is such a lovely reddy/purple colour and looks so pretty on my nails, it actually looks exactly like the bottle which some nail polishes don't look exactly the same but this does and I'm happy about this as it looks lovely on my nails for a good 4-5 days!

The last Seventeen product in this favourites is the Define and Conquer Contour kit, it is a lovely highlighting and contour duo, the contour colour is lovely, the only downside is mine is in medium and has to be built up quite a lot to show up on my skin, but I love the product when it's on my skin and the highlighter doesn't look fake, it looks quite natural but you can tell you skin is looking a bit more glowy!

My last product for this favourites I have been wearing throughout this month, it is the Makeup revolution Lip Lava in 'Tremor' it's a nice pinky shade, and is like a liquid lipstick but it doesn't dry very quickly, so that means it's moisturising and looks so nice and glossy on but isn't sticky, so it looks like a lipgloss but is very pigmented and is a lovely pinky liquid lipstick and I'm loving it for £2.99 I want to try some more of them!

What are your makeup/skincare or random favourites of the month of September?!



  1. I'm still yet to try anything from the Zoella range, the scrub sounds lovely!! And I love the Garnier micellar water, I recently joined the bandwagon on that one!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. I bet you're glad you did its so so good!! and I do recommend the scrub if your looking to try anything in the range I'm loving it. Xx

  2. The Garnier Micellar water will always be a favourite of mine! Such a great product. And I love the colour of the Avon polish - so perfect for Autumn!

    Musings & More

    1. Me too! It has been a saviour for me recently though! and I'm all about the Berry lips and nails! xx

  3. I really want to try the seventeen contour kit! I've heard good things about it!

    ps just found your blog and love it!
    Rachel Coco


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