Thursday, 24 September 2015

Topshop Lipstick Dupes With BornPrettyStore

So recently, I've been loving my Topshop lipstick on the left (the purple colour) as the weather is getting my autumn/wintery I'm loving the vampy lip colours, and I love this one which is in the colour 'The Damned' it is a lovely dark purple colour in the bullet and can be built up to that colour, I am loving the Topshop makeup at the moment, I also have a blush from them which is really nice too although it's more of a Summery shade I won't wear it much now, I'm all about the bronzer in Winter! haha now back to the lipsticks! 

So BornPrettyStore recently contacted me asking if I wanted to try a couple of things from their website, and I chose the lipstick on the right hand side and the lip crayon which is in the mint green packaging. Now I thought the packaging looked a lot like the Topshop lipsticks and I thought the 'TheHotShop' and 'LipHop' Sounded a lot like they were very similar to 'Topshop' so they might be dupes of the Topshop one and so I decided to give them a go. I chose both of the colours from the website and I will link the exact products I have received below and they look exactly the same as the ones I chose I will have swatches of them all together so I can show you the similarities, and the pigmentation of the lipsticks are like the same they look like they are just the same in different colours.

So the colour of the lipstick I received is the colour 'Not with a Cup of Lipstick'* which I love the name and it's also the number '03' and I have the link here if anyone is interested, now the colour as you can see by the photo it is a gorgeous bright pinky colour, now this colour I wanted to get as it's a bit out of my comfort zone and I haven't got a colour lipstick like this one! So far I love it and the pigmentation is great. 

The next one is the colour '12'* in the mint green packaging but sadly it doesn't have another name, unlike the other lipstick but I love this packaging so much and this one looks so alike to the ones I see in Topshop but they are in a white packaging I think and the writing is almost identical to my purple Topshop lipstick in the photo above. I was so drawn to this colour because it looks quite toned down but a lovely light berry pink shade for the autumnal months ahead. I knew I wanted a colour like this, for the upcoming colder months so when I saw this one on the website I was very happy, it looks so gorgeous on the lips! And has to to be my favourite of the two! You can find it here

If you'd like to try any products from BornPrettyStore I have a discount you may like to use, it is JVBH10 if you use it you'll receive 10% off your order, but you can also shop the code by clicking on the code in the discount's section of the right side of my blog.

So here are the lipsticks all together but the BornPrettyStore ones are the two on the right hand side, so the left lipstick as I mentioned earlier is the Topshop on in 'The Damned' and wasn't purchased from BornPrettyStore.  As you can see the pigmentation of all of them is amazing and they look like there from the same exact brand.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about these Topshop dupes and Thank you to BornPrettyStore for letting me try these lipsticks I am very grateful for them and hope this has helped someone who want's a cheaper alternative to Topshop lipsticks! And although I was sent these lipsticks all opinions are my own! 

*PR Sample(s) included


  1. Love the shades! I've never tried anything from either of these brands! They look stunning:)

    1. They are lovely, I'm so happy with them all, I do recommend them! Xx

  2. I so love these darker shades for autumn. Great rad I plan to be looking in again in some time soon./love Ida

    1. Me too! they are so great for the autumn/winter weather!

  3. Replies
    1. I do love them, thank you for reading I'm glad you liked it! x

  4. Ooo those are some nice berry shades x


  5. I love these shades, they look so pretty x

  6. OH my!

    I'm in love with these colours! In fact I was just on my lunch break today and popped into new look & they had lipsticks that were similar colours to these. I tried one on and they are so pretty! Perfect for autumn.

    Stacey |

  7. You featured such a lovely range of colours. I'm in love! I've heard so many good things about Topshop's beauty line. Think it's about that time I go out and get a few things to try out myself!

    - Damarcia | Amour Marci


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