Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My Fake Tan Favourites

On the rare occasional of me fake tanning, I will use these products. They are the best I have found so far to give the perfect streak free tan, I would go as far as calling them my holy grail fake tan products. 

Obviously, I have only included two fake tans, the Bondi Sands foam tan and the Cocoa Brown tan which is also a foam. The product I use to prep my skin for the fake tan which is a new favourite is the Zoella Scrubbing me softly body scrub, I have only been using it for a few weeks but I already know it's a staple for when I want to fake tan and a little goes a long way which I am so pleased about. 

The first tan I will talk about is the Bondi Sands tan, it needs to be left for the longest out of both the tans and is recommended to apply and leave on for around six hours for the deepest tan from this product, but it can be washed off after around an hour otherwise. I have only tried it for the six hours, and it leaves a gorgeous glowing tan as if you've been to Australia! 
The smell of the fake tan is gorgeous it looks and smells great, the scent is coconut and aloe vera which is really good for your skin also so this fake tan has a lot of benefits to your skin as well as giving you a beautiful tan. I have only tried it a few times but it has always left me streak free and looking lovely and tanned which is what I love to be! haha.

The second tan is the Cocoa brown tan by Marissa Carter, now this lady is a genius because this tan is only £7.99 and is amazing, this version I have is the dark version but It only needs to be left for an hour and when I first tried it after an hour I was happy with the gorgeous glow that it had left me with. But I am yet to try leaving it for longer but will definitely be trying leaving it for a few more hours to see if I think I like it better or not. 
The foam is super easy to apply and this also left me with no streaks which I was expecting really because I wouldn't expect any after only keeping the product on for an hour, it looks lovely on, looks natural as both these self tanning mousses do. I love the way it fades although I love the way the Bondi Sands one does more as it looks exactly like how a real tan fades and doesn't fade unevenly. But saying that, I have had no problems with the way this tan fades, but if I could combine these two they would be an even more perfect match. The self tanning mousse smells like Watermelon I think I could be wrong but I think it's a super nice fragrance, although I love the coconut scent of the Bondi Sands tan, as long as I get a nice tan I don't care haha as long as it does the job!

Here is where you can buy the self tans: 
Bondi Sands Dark Self Tanning Foam - Buy here - £14.99
Cocoa Brown Dark By Marissa Carter - Buy here -  £7.99

The tans are both amazing in my opinion I think both give a beautiful tan without looking really fake and noticeable. The Cocoa brown tan is 150 ml whereas the Bondi Sands mousse is 200 ml, so you are still getting more for your money with the Cocoa brown tan, as the Bondi sands is around double the price of this. But to be honest I think trying both would be your best bet if you want to know which is better for you.

I would say if you're on a budget the Cocoa brown tan would be a better option, I don't have anything bad to say about either of the tans but I think since this is nearly half the price of the Bondi sands tan you should at least try this one first. This is a great one if you're a newbie to fake tan and you don't want too much hassle try this! 

But if you want a long lasting tan I would say go for Bondi Sands, I think it probably lasts around one and half to two days at a stretch longer on my skin than the cocoa brown does so depending on how lazy you might be with applying the tan this will probably help you make your choice, I would say the cocoa brown lasted 4-5 days on me and the Bondi Sands 5-6 days, but I do still love them both and will keep alternating between the two when I want to fake tan.



  1. Great post, i'm on the hunt for a new fake tan so may give these a go!

    Beth - mysokohldlife.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I've been looking for a decent fake tan for so long now, I'll have to try both of these out! Xx

    1. Love them both so much! You should do, They both smell great, as I hate the typical biscuity fake tan smell! xx


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