Tuesday, 12 May 2015

My MAC Lipsticks

This is my current Mac lipstick collection, I joined the hype of Mac lipsticks around about two years ago, and my first one which I received as a birthday present from a friend was 'Creme Cup' it is probably the most hyped about Mac lipstick and I must say it is in my opinion the most lovely pinky lipstick and is perfect for Spring.

Lipsticks from Mac come in a range of different finishes these are: Cremesheen, Satin, Matte, Amplified, Amplified Creme, Frost, Glaze, Lustre, and Retro Matte, the finishes of the lipsticks I have are: Matte, Cremesheen, Amplified and Satin, these are also my favourite finishes.

I absoloutley adore the packaging of the lipsticks they look really posh in an acrylic holder on my vanity area, and are probably my most reached for lipsticks in my opinion they just aren't like drugstore lipsticks and I can never find any in there I love as much as these!

If you haven't tried Mac lipsticks I would definitely recommend them as there are so many lovely shades to choose from you're bound to find one you love!

My favourites out of these would have to be Creme Cup, Velvet Teddy and Vegas Volt but I also love the other two so really I just love them all the same just the lighter colours more for everyday wear!

Left to right
The lipstick shades I own and their finishes:

Creme Cup - Cremesheen
Russian Red - Matte
Vegas Volt - Amplified
Velvet Teddy - Matte
Rebel - Satin

Where you can buy Mac lipsticks:



  1. Hi Jessica, I nominated you for The Liebster Award Tag :)


    1. Aw Thank you hun I will definitley check it out! x

  2. Love these colours, Vegas Volt is currently on my wishlist!

    xo, Liz

  3. Beautiful colors, especially love the dark purple one!


    1. Thank you it is gorgeous! Such a pretty colour on everyone x


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