Tuesday, 18 August 2015

What's in My Glossybox! #2

 Hello Everyone! Today I have My glossybox unboxing/review/what I got kind of thing! And I have done one of these before but more of a review type blog post which you can check out here: What's in my Glossybox #1, So if you haven't seen that one and your interested check that one out too! 

So the box came, and I had to open it straight away, like I have to do with every parcel I get!- Am I the only one?! haha So I couldn't take a picture straight away but here are the products I received in the August box! The contents of everyone's boxes vary depending on stock of items etc. But I am happy with the items and most of them will come in handy to me!
So basically if you've never heard of glossybox it's a monthly beauty box subscription and you get all full size which can be either beauty/skincare or hair care products or just a random mixture!
The products I received in this box: 

Naobay - Calming Face toner - £10.65
This toner is from a Spanish brand, which I am excited to try as I love trying new products that aren't always available in the UK, as I love trying new things. Although if I like it it may cost a lot to ship some more of it here! So the toner is just supposed to be calming so should be good for my sensitive skin and will hopefully reduce redness on my face.
Sass - Purifying cleanser - £7
This product is an intimate purifying cleanser. The product will keep you fresh all day and it will balance the skins pH which means it won't be harsh and should be good for sensitive skin. You just wash with it and rinse with water.
Emite - Artist Colour Powder Blush - £20.59
Sooo this is probably the product that most excited me in the box, when I opened it. I would say this blush is a bit purple-y but is brown toned, but is just has a bit of a dark enough brown to use as a contour/blush. I had to try it out straight away and I love the colour and think I will try to use it as a contour shade, but so far I'm loving it and the price of this blush would originally be £20.59 and the box altogether cost me £13.25 so I'd say the box is definite worth it!
MeMeMe - Lipglide in Playful Peach - £6.95
This is a gorgeous lip pencil, from MeMeMe cosmetics, which I have only tried one product from before which was in one of my last Glossybox's which was a eye pencil duo is blue which was gorgeous but this is something I can wear more as it's an everyday shade I would go for! I can't wait to try it as the eye pencil was very good, they seem like a good brand so far!
Manna Kadar - Lash Primer - £14.55
So this is a product I probably won't use a lot, I love mascara but don't seem to get on with other lash primers I have used, but nonetheless I'll give it a go! So it's just a primer which is white that'll help to prime and lengthen lashes before applying your mascara. I will give it a go through and see how it is!

The Information leaflet about all the products and sneak peak of what's in the September box.

So these three products from the box, I like the most out of all the products, and I know I will definitely get my uses out of these. Firstly I love the colour of the blush and will definitely be using it as a contour/blush shade. The MeMeMe lip glide looks like such a pretty colour and I can't wait to give it a whirl in the next few days. And the Naobay toner looks to be good too, and since it's natural and organic should be great for my sensitive skin.

If you have any questions, don't forget to comment them below and I will answer them!

Have you ever tried a monthly beauty box?!


  1. I unsubscribed to Glossybox a while back, but this is such a great box, and one that I would definitely have been excited to receive! Love the look of that bronzer/blush, and the toner sounds great too! x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. Yeah! I have unsubscribe for the next few months as I find the spring/summer boxes I get a lot more products I will actually use myself! I was very impressed with this box though! I love receiving new products and for £13.25 this box was definitely worth it!X


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