Thursday, 23 April 2015

NOTD: OPI "You're such a Budapest"

Now I love OPI nail polishes, they last so much longer on my nails than other cheaper brands do, like Barry M, Revlon, Rimmel etc. They are such good quality and the colour choice mahoosive! The colours are so good after just one or two coats, and every time i go to buy another I come out with three or four!

This colour is a lovely pastel lilac colour and i think it is absoloutley perfect for spring, as pastel colours aren't too bright but still look lovely and girly. Sorry about the photo and the creased duvet haha! This is what real life looks like! This colour looks gorgeous with two coats on  and also it is good value  as I find it lasts a good few days with no chips at all, although I am yet to try with a top coat, tell me if you have any recommendations in the comments!

I am definitely a girl who loves her nail polishes and having these just make it not so much a chore, as most chip so easily in the first few hours or so of applying it, it frustrates me having to keep painting them as I hate hate having chipped nails! Sometimes going over them just makes the colour come out uneven and looks ten times worse. But these are definitely a firm fave of mine! all the colours I have used seem to stay on for the same amount of time too.

If you haven't tried OPI nail polishes I highly recommend them, makes such a difference not having to paint my nails every day or every other day, as my days are usually quite busy.

What are your favourite nail polishes? and also if you have any top coat recommendations don't forget to leave them below too! 


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