Monday, 16 March 2015

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone my name is Jessica or Jess!

I am 17 years old, my middle name is Victoria and sometimes i go by Jessica Victoria. (it makes me feel posh hahah) I have decided to start this blog as i am interested in fashion,skincare and makeup & beauty. I am totally makeup obsessed like most girls my age!

my favourite hobbies and/things to do are going shopping for clothes and makeup mainly (also a very stereotypically girl thing haha) and going out with my friends,I would also love to make blogging my hobby as I enjoy watching some of my favourite beauty and fashion bloggers through youtube and also by reading their blogs. I would say watching youtube videos is also my hobby i watch anything from fashion hauls to makeup looks and tutorials which also give me inspiration for doing my own makeup. I have set up this blog, to keep me busy!

I will be posting many things like reviews of products, my recent favourites of maybe every other month or so, drugstore or high end makeup hauls, makeup looks and really anything else to do with my skincare routine, fashion favourites, Hopefully my blog will start to grow into a nice place for young girls/ teenagers to come for makeup recommendations, and advice on what makeup is best for their skin type etc. i will hopefully be posting my favourite foundations soon as i think this will be a great starter on my blog, as foundation can help us feel better about our skin if we have any skincare problems, there is always something out there for everyone i hope you enjoy reading my blog, i would love to check out other blogs so if you have a blog please comment i would love to check it out too! I hope you enjoy my future blog posts, just writing this small blog post has made me feel like this will really be a fun hobby for me and i really hope you like my blog. Thank you for reading!


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